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The goal of this page is to provide answers to questions the board is frequently asked.  If you have a question you don't see, please ask us via and we will update the FAQ!

Can I park an RV on my property?

This topic has been researched by the POA's legal counsel.  The current answer is that (due to deed restrictions), you may park an RV on your lot, but it may not be lived in as a residence at any time.  Section 2 of deed restrictions refers to no house trailers (including RVs) during construction (they are not allowed during construction).  (from counsel at RMWBH, 5/9/2022)

What fees does the POA have?

The only required fee is a $24/year (or $2/month) maintenance fee.  This fee is per owner (so if you own two houses, you would pay a single fee).  However, if you own one house and an entity (such as LLC) owns the other, this would result in two $24 fees.  There is also an optional amenity fee for access to the pool, lake, tennis + basketball courts.

​All fees (other than the $24/year maintenance fee) are voted on by owners at our annual meeting in December.

Can I have chickens on my property?

There are no deed restrictions concerning chickens on your property.  There may be local and state laws, but from a POA perspective this is ok! (from architecture committee, 5/16 over email)

Are Short Term Rentals (STRs) allowed?
The Board's current position is that there are no restrictions on short term renting a property.